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ron-fineRon Fine was born January 4, 1938 in Kansas City, KS. After finishing High School, he went to work as an Electrician for the Santa Fe Railroad where he retired in 1999. He met his wife, Donna in Jr. High School and they were married on June 21, 1958. They have 3 children; 2 sons and 1 daughter plus six Grandchildren and 5 Great-Grandchildren.

Ron, is blessed with a great Tenor voice and began singing when he was very young performing in school programs, etc. with help and support from a very special music teacher. He started messing around with the guitar later but didn’t do much about it until they started Square Dancing in 1968 and met some guys who played Bluegrass. He loved it and the rest is history so they say. He started playing in a Bluegrass band, “The Joy Bells” in 1980 and stayed with them until 1990. He then started playing with another Bluegrass band “The Wooden Nickel” in 1992 until 2000. He recorded several albums, tapes and CD’s with both bands and was very proud that both bands won awards from the Midwest Bluegrass Association.

Ron and Donna still attend several Bluegrass festivals each year and for the past 25 years have attended the National Bluegrass Convention in Nashville, TN. Ron is always a very welcome and well received guest with our band.

jaromeJerome Oberle was born March 29, 1938 on a farm near Bushton, Kansas. He started playing accordion when he was about 12 years old. At the age of 17 or 18, he got an accordion for Christmas. He and his Dad played for dances around the area until he was about 20 years old. He got married and moved to Manhattan, Kansas and began playing with a with a band around that area and sometimes up into Nebraska. That band disbanded in 1972 and he didn’t play much then until he moved to the Kansas City area after retiring.

Marvin Bredemeier, an old friend of his wife, encouraged him to start playing again in 2010. Now he enjoys playing a couple of tunes with the Stranger Creek at the BK Lounge. He also plays with the Senior Barn Players of KC at nursing homes in the Kansas City area. He has 2 daughters both living in the Kansas City area. He and Colleen were married in 2004 and live in Overland Park Kansas.

maggieMaggie Marx was born May 1, 1997, the third of four children born to Dick and Nanette Marx. She has grown into a beautiful, multi-talented young lady. An honor student in her third year at Shawnee Mission Northwest High School, she carried a 4.4 GPA (A+) the first quarter of this year. She is an accomplished actress who has appeared in several plays in the Christian Youth Theater, Shawnee Mission Northwest High School and Starlight Theater. In several of these plays she had a lead role.

From November, 2011 until November of 2012 she was the reigning National All American Miss Junior Teen.

In the spring of 2013, she and more than 200 Greater Kansas City area High School students entered a singing competition similar to the TV show “American Idol”. They went through the process until late August when Maggie took second place in this competition winning a $2500 college scholarship.

She has sang the National Anthem for the Kansas City Royals, T-Bones, KU men’s basketball, Pittsburg State College basketball, and most recently at the American Royal’s Junior Premium Live Stock Auction. Maggie also likes to give back to her community and has sang the National Anthem and volunteered along with her sisters for numerous organizations around the Kansas City area, some of them include Bikers for Babies, Step Up Walk for Down Syndrome, Outpacing Melanoma and Light the Night (Leukemia & Lymphoma society).

She is always a very popular and welcome guest on any of the Stranger Creek Band shows and other venues around the area where she has appeared.

Her family also consists of an older brother, Dickie a recent graduate of the University of Kansas, an older sister, Katie a third year student at Pittsburg State College and younger sister Allie, a Freshman at Shawnee Mission Northwest High School.

melissaMelissa Petropoulos’ country music roots come from her parents who played music professionally while she was growing up. She started singing harmony when in the 4th grade and when in middle school began singing harmony with her Mother on occasion. She learned to play her Mom’s guitar when Mom was gone playing and soon got her own and began taking lessons. She joined a band shortly after High School, but then started college studying Respiratory Therapy followed by marriage and the birth of two daughters; music got put on hold. As her children grew older she began playing more again as family gatherings became more frequent.

Learning of local opry’s in the area she began appearing as guest singer with them. She has appeared at Byron Jones’ Opry in North Kansas City and Cline’s Opry in Weston Missouri as well as others including several appearances with the Stranger Creek Band. Today Melissa and her husband Greg live in Shawnee, Kansas with Sara and their older daughter, Mary who is a Freshman in High School.

daughterCoincidently, she noticed her daughter, Sara (Photo above) as a 4th grader singing harmony with songs on the radio and sometimes with Melissa when she and her Mother and Dad would play. She enjoy’s singing and performing as well. She has played with her Mom at a couple of the local opry’s and at family gatherings as well. She enjoys all genres of music. She is in band where she attends the sixth grade.

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