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GARRY BICHELMEYER was born May 12, 1948 in Kansas City, Kansas. He has four daughters and one son. He is an amateur archeologist and a prolific songwriter. His family has long been established in the meat business around the Kansas City area. He and Buffalo Bill Cody are the only persons to have been contracted to butcher buffalo for the United States Army.


MARY BICHELMEYER was born February 28, 1947 in Kansas City Kansas. She has 3 daughters and one son. She is also an excellent singer in her own right. Mary and Gary were married on August 14, 1994 and today they live on a small farm near Tonganoxie KS. They originated the Stranger Creek Band many years ago. After a few years they reformed it with Larry Dean on vocals and Rhythm Guitar, Gordon Riley on Lead Guitar, John Malone playing Drums, Mary on Vocals and Bass Guitar, and Garry on Vocals and Rhythm Guitar. Sometime later Marvin Bredemeier joined with his outstanding Fiddle playing.


GORDON RILEY was born September 27, 1939 in Rock Port Missouri. His interest in guitars and music started in grade school. “There were a couple of kids in my class who had guitars and my uncle had a guitar which I still have, a 1941 or 42 Dobro. I play a little Dobro today, but only a little, he says.

He really started playing a lot while in the service in Germany. A few others in his outfit had guitars and there wasn’t much else to do. When he returned home, he worked with Larry Smith and they began playing together in about 1965 and still do an occasional gig together.

He played Bluegrass with the Elsloo family (Jeff Elsloo played banjo for Green Side Up) for a few years. Then, he played gospel music with Larry Smith . He met Bill Clark who introduced him to Larry Dean (Inman) and Garry and Mary Bichelmeyer. They began playing every Tuesday at the BK Lounge in Lenexa, Kansas. Gordon and his wife Doris (Mrs. Gordon) Riley live in Overland Park Kansas and they have one son.


MARVIN BREDEMEIER was born February 20, 1937 in Norborne Missouri. He began playing the fiddle when he was eight years old. His Father played fiddle and his Mother played rhythm guitar. In his early years, they played lots of music together for dances both in his home town of Norborne, Mo and around Kansas City.

His parents never really played professionally but they did whatever they could to encourage and support him. In 1950 he won the talent contest at the Cow town Jubilee which was broadcast live on WHB radio; from then on the stage performances never stopped.

Marvin joined the Westport Kids in the early 1950′s. They appeared on the Cow town Jubilee and the Brush Creek Follies they also were regulars on the Tidwell Jamboree.

In the late 50′s and into the 60′s, he played fiddle for Jimmy Dallas on his live Saturday night television show. Marvin has had the pleasure of playing back-up fiddle for the likes of Little Jimmy Dickens, Kenny Price and Justin Tubb. For approximately seven years he traveled and played fiddle for Country Music Hall of Fame star Hank Thompson and his Brazos Valley Boys.

He played on an album with Johnny Nace (Warrensburg MO disc jockey) recorded at Porter Waggoner’s studio in Nashville. He also did some tracking on an album for Boxcar Willie at B.J. Carnahan’s studio in Mack’s Creek, Mo and he managed Midwestern Recording Studios in Kansas City. He married Norma Jean Boyd (better known as “Sug”) on February 7, 1959. They have two daughters and two sons as well as a number of grandchildren.

Marvin Gregg

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  1. Hello,

    I met Gordon a number of years ago. Last time I saw him was Howard Elsloo’s funeral. Olease have hime contact me via email or cell 816.500.9531. I have a copy of a recording for him of teh Appleton City Fair in 1967!
    Bruce Graybill (Slim Peterie’s son in-law)

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