Gordon Riley

Gordon RileyGordon was born September 27, 1939 in Rock Port Missouri. His  interest in guitars and music started in grade school.  “There were a couple of kids in my class who had guitars and my uncle had a guitar which I still have, a 1941 or 42 Dobro.  I play a little Dobro today, but only a little, he says.

He really started playing  a lot while in the service in Germany.  A few others in his outfit had guitars and there wasn’t much else to do. When he returned home, he worked with Larry Smith and they began playing together in  about 1965 and still do an occasional gig together.

He played Bluegrass with the Elsloo family (Jeff Elsloo played banjo for Green Side Up) for a few years. Then, he played gospel music with Larry Smith .  He met Bill Clark who introduced him to Larry Dean (Inman) and Garry and Mary Bichelmeyer.  They began playing every Tuesday  at the BK Lounge in Lenexa, Kansas.

Doris_Riley_smallGordon and his wife Doris (Mrs. Gordon) Riley live in Overland Park Kansas and they have one son.

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