Garry Bichelmeyer

Garry_Bichelmeyer_smallGary was born May 12, 1948 in Kansas City, Kansas.  He has four daughters and one son.  He is an amateur archeologist and a prolific songwriter.  His family has long been established in the meat business around the Kansas City area.  He and Buffalo Bill Cody are the only persons to have been contracted to butcher buffalo
for the United States Army.

Mary and Gary were married on August 14, 1994 and today they live on a small farm near Tonganoxie KS.  They originated the Stranger Creek Band many years ago.  After a few years they reformed it with Larry Dean on vocals and Rhythm Guitar, Gordon Riley on Lead Guitar, John Malone playing Drums, Mary on Vocals  and Bass Guitar, and Garry on Vocals and Rhythm Guitar.  Sometime later Marvin Bredemeier joined with his outstanding Fiddle playing.

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  1. Was trying to contact you, to book your band for JDs Dance Hall, located in Leavenworth, KS. I can be reached at 913-727-3800

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