Last night @ BK Lounge

And the band played on…

What fun with music and dancing. The band, Garry & Mary Bichelmeyer, Gordon Riley, Marvin Gregg and Marvin Bredemeier, played from 6:30 until 9pm last night, May 27th.

Ron Fine was a guest singer. Jerome Oberle played the accordion and Darrel Phillips sat in and played base for Mary. So she could play a few hands of cards.

We celebrated birthdays with cookies, lots of cookies. Happy birthday to Jim Rumsey, Bernice Scheidt and Doris Ranck.

Garry B. wore his ‘lawn mowed’ hat. What fun!Gary B. 004

Join us next Tuesday @ Burger King, 95th and Quivira, Overland Park, KS. The band starts playing @ 6:30pm but you better get there a lot earlier than that to get a good seat.

Tues. May 20th @ BK Lounge

We had a great crowd. All the tables were full and lots of dancing. The band was Gordon, Mary, Garry, Marvin and Marvin.

Guests were Jerome Oberle, Wayne Harclerode and Harold Harris.Harold Harris Wayne Harslerode                    Harold                                                                    Wayne

Join us next Tuesday 6:30 pm til 9 pm at Burger King, 95th St and Quivira, Overland Park, KS.

The band will play at American Legion 7500 W 75th the afternoon of July 4th. More details to follow.



Tues. May 13 @ Burger King

Last night was cool outside but the band was hot. Gordon Riley, Garry & Mary Bichelmeyer, Marvin Gregg, Marvin Bredemeier and Ron Fine all played and sang.

Greg Herman was a guest singer.Greg Herman final

We celebrated Garry Bichelmeyer’s birthday with a cake that Mary brought.

Garry1 garry's cake 2

Join us next Tuesday, May 20th, at Burger King, 95th & Quivira, Overland Park, KS. 6:30pm to 9pm.


Last Sat. night at American Legion

Last Sat. night at American Legion was a little stressful.  Larry Inman called a couple hours before Am. Legion & was sick with a  cold.  Gordon called all over to find a singer.  Mike Riley came until 8:15 when he had to go to his job.  The last hour Danny Contreras sang a few songs.  He had performed at Harrah’s for a couple hours & then a wedding in Grandview for an hour & then he & Linda came & he helped us by singing a few songs.  Maggie came a little later a sang a few songs.  Written by Doris Riley.

Last Night @ Burger King

Last night at BK Lounge the band played and the audience danced and applauded. Garry Bichelmeyer played guitar and banjo and sang. Mary Bichelmeyer played bass and sang. Gordon Riley played lead guitar and sang. Larry Inman joined the band playing guitar and singing. Marvin Bredemeier played fiddle and sang. Marvin Gregg played drums.

Guests musicians were Ronnie Fine and Jerome Oberle.

Join us next Tuesday, May 13th from 6:30 to pm at Burger King on Quivira just north of 95th street.

Tues April 29th @ BK Lounge

It was a nice night at Burger King and the crowd was great. The band, Garry & Mary Bichelmeyer, Gordon Riley, Marvin Gregg, Marvin Bredemeier and Ron Fine, played.

Bud Martley was a guest singer.

Bud Marley

We celebrated Lucas McCue’s birthday with song.