Jim saw Keith

Stopped in to see Keith. He was asleep, which is normal his wife Pat says. His lung Dr. was there doing some check ups. They had performed lung surgery and removed fluids as he had encountered an infection. He sleeps constantly and communication is not there if he wakes up. Pat regained me from the BKL.


Marvin talked to Keith

I spoke with Keith this morning.  (He is now in room 487 icu.)

I was able to speak with him, although he was very subdued and his speech was labored and not easy to understand, so I didn’t keep him on the phone very long.  I simply told him that we missed him, and that he was in our minds and prayers daily.

At the very least, he is alert and communicative.  You can pass along to your email list whatever you feel is appropriate.

Marvin B.


Another update about Keith

Just received notice from Keith’s minister at church, that Keith now has pneumonia, and they have taken him back to ICU. 

Keith is now in ICU at Shawnee Mission Medical Center in Room 466.  The address is:  9100 W 74th St., Shawnee Mission, KS  66204.

Please keep Keith & Pat in your prayers.