Important information about Tuesday’s

BK Lounge show.  Plans right now are that if we get anything like that forecast for tonight; the BK Lounge show for tomorrow will be cancelled.  Please watch this page for any more definite news.  Right now we are forecast to get at least 8 inches of snow which will certainly put a damper on plans for any kind of show.  Please watch this page.  I will post any information as soon as I receive it.

See you all soon!

Another great crowd here to enjoy

some great music.  Still absent is our lead singer, Larry Dean who is in the middle of a nearly one month vacation.  We are always glad to see the fantastic entertainer, Arnie Johnson who is filling in for Larry again along with Mike Riley playing bass and singing in place of Mary Bichelmeyer who is taking another couple of weeks vacation.

As usual, the Stranger Creek Band kicked the show off with the Gordon Riley theme titled “Gordon’s Boogie #1″.  Arnie quickly followed with “I could never be ashamed of you”, “I had a beautiful time”, “I wonder where you are tonight”, Elvis’ “Whole lotta shakin’ goin’ on”.  He continued with Ernest Tubb’s “Waltz across Texas” Hank Williams’ “Move it on over”.

Garry Bichelmeyer was up next with “Stand By Me” and ”Northern Star” by request and the band played an instrumental version of a favorite of the line dancers, “Kansas City”.

Gordon was next at the microphone singing “Holding things together” and Arnie followed with Willie’s “Blue eyes cryin’ in the rain” and “I washed my hands in muddy water” before the band took a break.

After the intermission, Lee Baldwin played rhythm guitar for Garry so he could mix with the audience for awhile.  Arnie opened the second half with “Me and Bobby McGee” followed with ”Mansion on the Hill”.

Next up was Jerome Oberle with his all-button accordion playing “Because”, “City Lights”, and “Beer barrel polka”

A new and different guest to us was invited up to take over Gordon’s lead guitar.  Jim Hubbell did a fine job and joined the band on several songs.

Arnie stepped up again to sing, “Waltz of the angels” before Marvin answered a request to play “Orange Blossom Special”.  Mike Riley was next with “Folsom Prison”.

Arnie returned again with “Blues stay away from me” and Stonewall Jackson’s “Don’t be angry”, “Almost Persuaded”, “Linda on my mind”, Elvis Presley’s ”That’s alright mamma”, “Today I started loving you again”.

The band closed the show with the closing theme also written by Gordon titled “Gordon’s Boogie #2″.

Remember the Grinter Jamboree is cancelled for this month.  We’ll see you back here at the BK Lounge next Tuesday.

A near capacity crowd was on hand

for the show tonight.  The Stranger Creek Band kicked the festivities off with the usual Gordon Riley authored theme song titled, “Gordon’s Boogie #1″.  Stepping to the microphone first was Arnie Johnson, filling in again for the still vacationing Larry Dean with “Crystal Chandeliers”.  He continued with Merle Haggard’s “The Fugitive”, and Gordon came up next with a fine vocal rendition of “Bad News”.  Arnie returned with “Lonesome Whipporwill” “I could never be ashamed of you”, ”Please release me”, Merle Haggard’s “The green, green grass of home”, Hank Williams’ “There’s a tear in my beer”,  “You win again” and a line dance called “Lawdy lawdy Miss Clawdy”.  He closed the first half with George Strait’s “The  Fireman”.

The second half opened with our great guest, Danny Contreras playing bass so that Mike Riley could sing.  Marvin Bredemeier opened with the rousing “Ragtime Annie” before  Mike came to the Microphone with Johnny Cash’s “Folsom Prison” followed with Chuck Berry’s “Johnny B. Goode”, and Elvis Presley’s ”Heart break Hotel”.

Danny Contreras was next with Freddie Fender’s “Pick Me up on your way down”, Freddie Hart’s “My hang up is you”, Elvis’ “Don’t Be Cruel”, and a 1975 Freddie Fender hit, ”Before the next teardrop falls”.

Jerome Oberle

Jerome Oberle returned after a long bout with the flu playing his all-button accordion with ”In heaven there is no beer” followed with the beautiful “Harbor Lights”.  The next guest summoned was the great baritone, Ron Fine to sing, “Fraulein”, “Today I started loving you again” and finishing with “Life is like a mountain railroad”.

Marvin was next singing “Give me five minutes more”.  Mike Riley followed singing Frank Sinatra’s “New York, New York”.

Arnie took center stage then for a request to sing “Amanda”  Gordon took his place at the microphone next to sing “Pickin’ my fingers to the bone”.

Arnie returned then for one more song titled “Don’t be angry” before the band closed the show with “Gordon’s Boogie #2

We hope to see everyone back here again next week and then on  Thursday, February 21 please join us at the Grinter Jamboree held at the Grinter Barn.

We had an amazing line-up of special guests

AL 007for our monthly show at the American Legion last night.  After the Stranger Creek band opened the show as usual with the Gordon Riley authored theme song, “Gordon’s Boogie #1″ the great Larry Smith; filling in for the vacationing Larry Dean, stepped to the microphone as our featured attraction for the show.  He opened with Ray Price’s hit, “Heartaches by the Number”.  With hardly taking a breath between songs, he continued with Haggard’s “Sing Me Back Home”, a Ray Price hit, “Make the World Go Away”, and “Kansas City” for the line dancers.

Filling in for the vacationing Mary Bichelmeyer was Bill Maxwell on the Bass and vocals.  He came to the microphone then with an old favorite called “Swingin’ Doors” before our Lead Guitar player, Gordon Riley took his place at center stage singing and playing “Truck Drivin’ Man”.  It was time for Larry Smith to return then with a Merle Haggard hit, “Silver Wings” and Conway Twitty’s “Fifteen Years Ago”.

Our outstanding fiddle player, “Marvelous” Marvin Bredemeier came up with a great fiddle tune called “Jersey Bounce” before Larry Smith returned with Ernest Tubb’s “Waltz Across Texas” and Waylon’s “Tonight the Bottle Let Me Down”.

Bill Maxwell returned with a George Strait hit, “All My Exes Live in Texas” and “Marvelous” Marvin returned with the beautiful “Over the Waves Waltz” to close the first set.

Danny ContrerasReturning to us tonight from an appearance at the BK Lounge last Tuesday night was fantastic guest, Danny Contreras.  He opened with a Marty Robbins hit from 1957 called, “A White Sport Coat and a Pink Carnation” followed with a couple of Freddie Fender hits from 1975, “Till the Next Teardrop Falls, and “Wasted Days and Wasted Nights”.  He continued with Freddie Hart’s “My Hang-up is You” and Vince Gill’s “Look at Us”.

Most of you know the amazing young lady that was was called up next.  Fifteen year old Maggie Marx always thrills us with her powerful voice and and stage presence.  Maggie and her family had traveled to Pittsburg Kansas on Saturday morning where her older sister, Katie, a student at Pitt State and her dance team performed during halftime for the Pittsburg State College basketball game and Maggie sang the National Anthem before both, the girls and boys basketball games.  They returned home in time to come sing for us.  She came to the microphone with “I’ll Be There”, “Faded Love”, “Blue Moon of Kentucky” and “Broken Wing”.  Also, at the end of this month, Maggie will be co-starring in the Christian Youth Theater stage presentation of “Footloose”.

Danny Contreras returned to sing Billy Walker’s hit, “I’d Like to Be In Charlie’s Shoes” to close the second set.

Our featured guest, Larry Smith opened the third set with  “Folsom Prison”, “Help Me Make It Through the Night” and Charlie Pride’s “Crystal Chandeliers”.  Gordon Riley returned to sing a song recorded by many including Elvis called, “Big Boss Man”  before Marvin came back to sing and play, “I Wonder Where You Are Tonight”.  Larry Smith stepped up with Ray Price’s “Crazy Arms”.  Bill Maxwell was up next to answer a request for the Ray Price hit called, “For the Good Times’.  Larry Smith returned with Chuck Berry’s “Memphis” and a Jim Reeves medley of “Four Walls” and “He’ll Have to Go” and closed the third set with David Houston’s “Almost Persuaded”.

Ron Fine was called on to open the fourth set with “I Love You Because”, “Storms Never Last” and the old Bobby Helms hit, “Fraulein”.

Maggie returned with Elvis’ “Don’t Be Cruel” and Wynona’s “Grandpa”.

Larry Smith returned then with “Pick Me Up on Your Way Down” and “Today I Started Loving You Again” followed by Gordon with some fine guitar picking and singing on Merle Travis’ “Nine Pound Hammer”.  Larry Smith returned one more time with “It’s Cryin’ Time Again” and Maggie was called on to close the show with a gospel song, ‘How Great Thou Art”.

It was a great show and we hope you all join us again at the American Legion located at 7500 West 75th Street in Overland Park Kansas.  Admission is only $5.00 and you get a full evening of entertainment.

We also hope you join us at the BK Lounge, 95 and Quivira every Tuesday night, also we will be at the Grinter Barn Jamboree on Thursday, February 21 with a great show.

We were missing half of our regulars but

Arnie Johnsonwe had great guests to fill in for them.  The promise of an evening of music from Gordon’s son, Mike Riley and the always popular Arnie Johnson was exciting to everyone present.

As usual, the  Stranger Creek band kicked off the show with Gordon Riley’s “Gordon’s Boogie #1″.

Arnie jumped in with, Merle Haggard’s “The Fugitive” and followed it with Hank Williams’ “Your Cheatin’ Heart” and “Lonesome Whipporwill”.  He continued with, “Jambalaya” and ”You’re my best friend”.

Gordon was up next with the popular Bill Doggett guitar instrumental for the line dancers called, “Honky Tonk”.

The amazing fiddle player, Marvin Bredemeier followed with a fiddle instrumental called, “Jersey Bounce”.

Arnie returned with “Walkin’ the dog”,  Stonewall Jackson’s “Don’t Be Angry” and Haggard’s “Proud to be an Okie from Muskogee”

Fred Uzzell was next with his outstanding steel guitar playing, “Cold,cold War with you”.

The amazing baritone Ron Fine was called up next to sing, “Make the world go away”,  ”Mansion over the hilltop” and “If you loved me half as much”.

Danny ContrerasA very special guest named Danny Contreras opened the second half with an old Marty Robbins hit, “Singin’ the blues” and Freddie Fender’s “Before the next teardrop falls”.  Danny worked with Freddie Fender for a time.  He finished with an Elvis medley “Teddy Bear” “You ain’t nothin’ but a hound dog”,  “Don’t be cruel”, “All shook up” and “Treat me nice”.

Arnie came up next with another Elvis hit called “Blue suede shoes”.

Mike RileyMike Riley came to the microphone then to sing Johnny Cash’s “Folsom Prison”, “Here’s a quarter call           someone who cares”,  ”For the good times” and Elvis’ “Heartbreak hotel”.

Arnie returned then to sing “From a jack to a king”

Gordon was next with “If I ever need a lady, I’ll call you”

Arnie came back again with, “Old flames can’t hold a candle to you”, Carl Perkins’ “That’s alright”, “Is it wrong” before closing the show with “Goodnight Irene”.

We want to thank our special guests for filling in for Garry, Mary and Larry while they got a well deserved vacation.  We hope to see all of them back again soon.

We will be looking for everyone at the American Legion on Saturday night.  It will be a great time.

Guests Filling in the Next Two Weeks

Tuesday, February 5 at the BK Lounge – In the absence of Larry Dean and Garry & Mary Bichelmeyer – The popular vocalist, Arnie Johnson and playing bass and singing, the fantastic Mike Riley.

Saturday, February 9 at the American Legion, 7500 West 75 – Country and gospel vocalist Mr Larry Smith and from The “Good Old Boys” band, Bill Maxwell will be playing bass – with Larry, Garry and Mary still on vacation.

Tuesday, February 12 at the BK Lounge with Larry Dean still gone will be once again the ever popular Arnie Johnson

These are all GREAT artists so don’t miss any of them!  We will be looking for you all.